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About Us

First, we will like to thank all who has given us nothing but well wishes, genuine support, love and encouragement.

We would like to give you guys a brief introduction of how we met and founded ABPHOTOS. 

 Met us: Keith and Cali met in 2001 and begin dating in 2003. Later on, in 2008 the couple had their first child. The storage on cameras just wasn't enough to capture every milestone or family trip. Within the next year, the couple became as one on September 5th, 2009, so let the selfies (Usies) begin! 

 In 2010, Keith (my husband) purchased a very expensive camera for me and told me to take photos during our family vacation we had prepared for. He said, "you love pictures right, use this"! Our oldest son, Keith Jr. (Kj) was only two years old. At this time, I was a stay at home mom attending community college. I told him no, there is no way that we should make such an expensive purchase just on a camera! I used it for about 2 months, took photos on our trip, debated and asked him to take it back. We took the loss of the re boxing fee right before the 90 days approached.

I was discouraged and told myself there was no way I could focus on school, my family and try to attain the skills of photography, although I loved it so much. I told myself, it just wasn't the right time and that I would find time for my passion later. 

In 2011 my mom became ill and passed away in 2014. I had so many memories of her on my iPhone at the time,  unfortunately I was not able to keep them. There goes memories down the drain! I was devastated and heartbroken, I relied on our photos of priceless moments that I could no longer get back.

All I had was an old Nike shoe box filled with old photos from way back when that she took using a throw away camera. If you know me well, (cali) then you know that my mom did not leave her house without her throw away camera. I guess my love for capturing moments comes naturally. 

Moving along as years pass my family expands, grows and now I have 13,000 photos on my iPhone and its taking forever to back up. Umm something has to give. giving all thanks to God, we are now financially stable to purchase the camera that I have always wanted for my family.

Keith, having the mindset that I cherish and love has made my vision blossom and I am forever grateful. Little do you know, capturing others in the moment of love and happiness fulfills my entire heart. God has blessed me with the eye for capturing priceless moments, the setting and putting together a story of love while my husband is blessed with the perfect hands of capturing the story at all angles. 

I encourage you to take a browse through our site. Your feedback is appreciated. Book and inquire if you will! 

With love,



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